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Test only available for Canadians
The saliva sample must be arrived to the laboratory within 3 to 4 days.


Secretor Test (Salivary Secretor/Non-Secretor)  -  all included  

« all included» : 
Secretor Test + shipping fees back to the laboratory 

Option also included pre-addressed Bill of Lading



Eat Right 4 Your Type introduced readers to the concept of secretors and non-secretors. Now Live Right 4 Your Type continues to explore in more detail this important blood typing sub-system.

A person can be either a secretor or a non-secretor. This is completely independent of whether your blood type is A, B, AB or O. In a simplified sense, a secretor is defined as a person who secretes their blood type antigens into body fluids and secretions like the saliva in your mouth, the mucus in your digestive tract and respiratory cavities, etc. A non-secretor on the other hand puts little to none of their blood type into these same fluids. Many metabolic traits, such as carbohydrate intolerance, and immune susceptibilities are linked genetically to secretor subtype.

Easy saliva collection. Complete submission kit with mailer.

Get results within 1 week by mail or on secure internet connection.

Designed by Dr. Peter D'Adamo in collaboration with Great Smokies Diagnostic Labs, an industry leader in innovative diagnostic testing.

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